Mt. Apo National Park Tour

Type Daytour
Code DDT-09
Duration 10 hours
Last Updated 03/08/2020

A day tour at Mt. Apo National Park with a visit to Kublai Milan's colossal masterpice, the Agong house combined with a zipline experience at Camp Sabros.


  • Mt. Apo National Park
  • Agong House
  • Camp Sabros Zip And Cable Lift


  • Airconditioned transportation
  • Services of a tourguide
  • Plated lunch
  • Tandem ride on the 380-meter zipline
  • Solo ride on the 400-meter zipline
  • Cable lift ride and solo ride on the 820-meter zipline
  • Private tour


  • Guests will shoulder the meal expenses not specified in the itinerary
  • In excess of the alloted time, there will be an excess usage charge of
    • P350/hour for car/van
    • P1000 for coaster
    • P1500 for bus usage

Extra notes

  • This tour is exclusive - meaning we can not join you/mix you with other groups
  • All rates are subject to change without prior notice